Wednesday, September 20, 2017

SCT Video

Check out this short video describing who we are and what we do.  Just click on the link below.

Thank you to Manx Taiki Magyar from Sandwich Community TV for creating this for us.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


SCT News Flash – Upcoming Event – Save the Date

Each year at our annual meeting the Sandwich Conservation Trust invites a guest speaker to address conservation-related issues.  This year we will be having our annual meeting at 2:00 PM on Sunday, October 15 in the East Sandwich Grange Hall, 91 Old County Road, East Sandwich, MA.  We are very excited this year to welcome Peter Trull as our guest speaker.  Science Teacher, Author, Photographer, Wildlife Specialist,  Peter Trull has studied, researched, and taught about wildlife on Cape Cod for over thirty years. He has written five books on various subjects, including Eastern coyotes, humpback whales, and local birds.

Peter will be presenting “The Gray Curtain – The Impact of Seals, Sharks and Commercial Fishing along the Northeast Coast.

 This program will show, through discussion and vivid photographs, the relationship between commercial fishing, expanding Gray Seal populations and Great White Sharks along the beaches of Cape Cod and the northeast coast. This "Gray Curtain" has come about after geologic and environmental changes, as well as animal migrations and population increases.  Each has had an effect on the location and, though daily and seasonal changes are accepted as normal, there are great transformations taking place that may go unnoticed, some, unexplained. While fishermen and scientists don't always agree, both have played a role in these dynamic coastal changes. In the minds of many commercial fishermen, the Gray Seal has played a major part.  Now, a new charismatic, apex predator has entered the picture and has made its presence known: the Great White Shark. This lively and colorful program brings together and explains the main factors that have created the phenomenon of The Gray Curtain.

On behalf of the SCT Trustees, we hope you and yours will save the date and join us at the Annual Meeting of The Sandwich Conservation Trust, again – Sunday, October 15 in the East Sandwich Grange Hall.

More to follow as we get closer to the event.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

9th Annual Sandwichfest

The SCT will have a tent at the 

9th Annual Sandwichfest!

Please stop by to say hi, learn what we do, become a member, etc... 

We'd love to meet YOU.

When:  Saturday, June 24
             10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
             Rain or Shine

Where:  Water St. (Route 130, along Shawme Pond), Sandwich

The street fair is free.  There will be a pet parade, many vendors, local non-profits and a beer garden.  How can you go wrong?  

The tickets for sampling Sandwich's sandwiches are $20.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to not only taste, but to vote on Sandwich's best sandwich.  

Check out the video from the Chamber of Commerce:

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Property Gift

The Sandwich Conservation Trust is pleased to announce the donation of barrier beach property by Susan and Arthur Doyle. The former cranberry bog, containing 1/3rd of an acre, is situated at the northeast corner of the Spring Hill diked meadow located at 24 Inner Marsh Lane in East Sandwich.  

Thank you to Mark Robinson of the The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts, Inc. for facilitating the transaction, the maps, and photo of the Doyle's with SCT President, John Cullity.

Susan Doyle, John Cullity, and Arthur Doyle

Map of 24 Inner Marsh Lane, E. Sandwich, MA
Land cover map of property at 
24 Inner Marsh Lane, E. Sandwich, MA
Aerial map of 24 Inner Marsh Lane, E. Sandwich, MA

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day

April 22 represents Earth Day 2017

Image credit:  Quinebaug Valley Comm. College

What can you do?  

This list is a start but the possibilities are endless:

  • utilize reusable water bottles
  • recycle (plastics, paper based items, cans, glass, metals, etc.)
  • plant a tree
  • prepare meals with locally sourced ingredients
  • plant a vegetable garden
  • clean up trash in your neighborhood
  • ride your bike or walk instead of driving
  • plant wildflowers which attract bees and butterflies
  • compost your coffee grounds, eggshells and produce remnants
  • bring reusable bags to the store with you
  • sell or donate items you no longer want
  • make an effort to conserve water and electricity

Image credit:  Quinebaug Valley Comm. College

Clippers and Loppers

Good morning SCT friends, 

We hope to see some of you today at 9 a.m. at Elinor's Woods, 47 Ploughed Neck Rd. for a spring work party. Just think how much nicer it will be not having vines grabbing at you when you walk the trail. 

Don't forget: 

  • tick protection 
  • water bottle 
  • clippers, loppers, etc.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hello my name is Possum

Read on for some interesting facts that most of us are not aware of ...

Source:  Possum Awareness & Advocacy Facebook Page